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Things that men like to do even if they consider themselves feminine

hombre cosas femeninas

Guys like to do some things that are considered “feminine”, admit or not. Check out this list to find out what feminine things boys may not know enjoy. You might be surprised to know some of the feminine things guys like to do too.

Boys may not always admit it, but we have guilty pleasures that are considered “feminine.” The good thing is that this starts to change because tastes should not be considered feminine or masculine, they simply must have to enjoy.

Romantic comedies

There are many romantic comedies that boys enjoy. This type of cinema has certain themes that are always fun, like having a first date with someone you really like. Guys can appreciate the excitement of meeting someone for the first time and spending a wonderful night. Romance or not, that’s magical and watching it in a film also allows us to experience it somehow.

As for TV shows, Friends is an incredibly well done program that guys can also enjoy. It focuses a lot on dating, and that’s not really “men’s stuff,”but jokes are fun and the program balances drama and jokes really well.

Hair removal or beauty

Many men tear their eyebrows (usually just in the middle and maybe a little off the edges) and depilate or shave unwanted hair. This includes trimming or shaving your armpits, arms, legs, private areas, almost anywhere else you might think someone can fix.

hombre cosas femeninas

Some men even enjoy tanning, dyeing their hair, getting manicures or other ways to maintain a well-groomed appearance. There is something satisfying about taking care of yourself with meticulous care, and that also applies to men.


Boys like to try on and especially buy new clothes. It’s exciting to wear a new outfit for the first time. We like to look fresh and stylish and have new clothes in our wardrobe. We also like to choose our outfits in the morning and feel the look of the day.

Wearing beautiful clothes gives us confidence, so naturally we enjoy buying a new outfit to add to our collection or a new pair of shoes. We like to have a lot of good pairs of shoes. Clothes and shoes are not the only thing we like to buy, but they are definitely some of our favorites.

Even the toughest guys enjoy some of these so-called feminine things. Do not be surprised to find out that your boyfriend or male friends enjoy other feminine things, even more, than those on this little list. Everyone has their guilty pleasures and there is no reason to be ashamed of that. If you can find out what the guilty pleasures of your boyfriend or friends are, you can finally enjoy them together.

Don’t think it’s boys’ or girls’ stuff! Just enjoy what you want in the moments you want.

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