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Tips for eating healthy these holidays

Christmas holidays are a time of excesses in which we usually gain weight easily due to the many meals we attend and the large menus that are served. There are many things that make us gain weight in Christmas and that is why we will try to eat healthy during the holidays, to control our health.

During Christmas you can really eat healthy if we consider how to do it and we are aware of what we eat. It is important to assume the importance of taking care of our health so as not to get carried away by the excesses of the moment.

Plan Meals

If you haven’t already made the purchase for Christmas meals, it’s time for you to do it. We know that it is difficult because there are varied tastes, but you can think about mixing various dishes with vegetables, meats and fish. There are ideas that are healthier than others but the important thing is to plan not to spend adding too much food. Make a menu in advance to avoid temptations and spend buying food so you don’t get too much. This way you will avoid bingeing for several days.

Buy fresh and natural products

Fresh and natural products are the healthiest for us, so we should always avoid those that are much more harmful because they are processed. Look for recipes to buy natural products and try to have some home-made fruits or sweets in desserts, as you control the ingredients used. In the end, it’s about looking for the healthiest alternative for your Christmas table.

Do not abuse alcohol

Alcohol adds a lot of empty calories to our body and is also something that is harmful. If you want to spend the holidays without ending with health problems avoid spending alcohol. You better choose drinks with a few degrees or even non-alcoholic beer, although the healthiest option would always be to drink water or natural juices. If you allow yourself to drink something during the holidays it should be in moderation.

The rule of the dish

In order not to spend eating this Christmas it is necessary to be aware of what we eat, which can become a lot if we do not moderate. A great idea is that we apply the rule of the dish by which we will only eat what we put on the dish, without repeating. So we will avoid eating several times without actually controlling the quantities. If you reduce your food to a single dish and dessert, you will get to eat less.

Make good choices

At mealtime we can make bad choices with really caloric foods that add fats and carbohydrates that we do not need. It is important to make good choices, that is, the healthiest possible. At mealtime it is always necessary to choose well and in this case the choices we should make should be the most natural foods possible and those with the least calories. If you choose something with a lot of calories it is best to eat less, so you’ll control a lot more.

Eat healthy between festivities

The holidays when we have to sit at the table with the family and rich food dishes are really counted, that is, they are very few. It is important to learn how to eat healthy between these days, with dishes that have low calories. Choose vegetables such as broccoli or beans for the days when you want to purify your body and you will be able to not gain weight. It is a good idea to also do some cleansing day with healthy smoothies or simply with liquids, as this way we will easily reduce the excesses of holidays with meals and dinners full of calories and foods that are not very healthy.

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