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Tips for your teenage daughter on her first date

novios en la adolescencia

When your daughter is a teenager she will likely start with her first dates. She will fall in love with some guy or girl and start having love dates so it is important to have a conversation with her so that she understands the importance of healthy relationships. Even if you always see your teen as your little girl, she is growing up and needs to learn about it in order to have a good emotional future.

Below we’re going to give you some tips so you can keep with your teen about her first date.

Remember that it is growing

Having good communication is indispensable since they are young. Although it can be difficult for parents to see their children go out, they are becoming independent. That’s why it’s also important for your teenagers to know that they trust and support them… but at the end of the day they’re still teenagers and not legal adults. Therefore, after his first big date, if you feel comfortable doing it, ask him how it went and if they have any questions to ask you.

There are so many emotions involved with young love: be as sympathetic as possible for your teen to know that you respect her and only care about her and her physical and emotional well-being.

Keep Good Confidence

Confidence is gained by the daughter’s demonstration of constant responsible behavior, which includes listening and following the rules when told only once; no drugs, alcohol or sex, acting, good grades, and general kindness and respectful behavior with family members and friends. Without these things, your teenage daughter has not yet been able to gain your trust and therefore dating boys or girls on a love date can be a topic to expect.

novios en la adolescencia

Show your vulnerability

Let know your teenage daughter worries you have about dating, and if she gets challenging, remember to earn trust on both sides, between father and daughter. Open and honest dialogue is the foundation for your children talking to you about their concerns, questions, concerns, and fears, including sexual conversations, STDs, condoms, and other methods of protection.

He won’t want to hear you


If you think your child is too young to go out and he doesn’t agree, get ready for an argument. Don’t give up! That is his fear of talking, and unfortunately you can’t stop your child from dating until he is 35 years old!

Your challenge and opposition increases a little during adolescence so they can resolve their autonomy and leave the other side as adults with their own opinions and beliefs about religions, sex, relationships, character, moral and politics. Talking mature and calmly is what it takes for your teen to trust you.

With these tips you will see that it is easier than you can imagine trusting your daughter. Still, it’s a good idea if he goes out to tell you who he’s going to be with and where… and of course, to comply with his curfew.

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