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Tricks to combat fatty roots

Having a greasy scalp that generates fatty roots and makes our hair dirty in a short time is a problem that many people suffer. This type of hair has the problem that on the scalp is generated much more sebum than normal, so the hair looks dirty very quickly, hence you need to wash it more often, sometimes daily.

Let’s look at some tricks to combat fatty roots, a problem that can make us have dirty hair quickly and lead us to wash it daily. It is a type of hair that needs to fight the problem at the root, because that is where that sebum is generated.

Choose a good shampoo

It is necessary to choose a good shampoo for this type of hair, if it is organic better, since we will only treat the root with natural products. Many of the chemicals can cause more fat to be generated on the scalp. If you choose a shampoo that has active ingredients that control the fat in the roots you will get the hair to stay clean longer. Formulas that are for normal or dry hair are very moisturizing and can make your hair look dirty even after washing and last clean for a short time. So it’s better to choose a shampoo that will help us to have those fat-free roots as long as possible.

Avoid touching the hair too much

There are many people who have the mania to touch hair continuously, but this is a mistake. Hands are dirty and in addition, we make the scalp fat spread across the hair. Surely you will have noticed that if you touch more hair quickly gets dirty. So it is best to comb it and try not to touch it, to prevent the scalp fat from spreads or the hair from staining.

Wash your hair in the morning

If your hair stays clean for a short time, it is always better to wash it in the morning, as at least you will have the feeling of clean hair throughout the day. Think that at night the sebaceous glands are quite active and that is why we get up with the dirtiest hair. If your hair is oily the solution to see it clean is to wash it in the morning. This way you will have your mane without the greasy feeling for longer.

Astringent infusion

Oily hair certainly needs us to use the products that are astringent. In nature we have many who can help us for it. Infusions are great allies when it comes to taking care of our health but also our hair. In this sense we have the infusion of nettle and black tea, both with astringent power. To make them more effective we can use them after washing on the scalp. It is better not to clarify them. So we can enjoy the astringent power they have. They are easy to prepare and give us many benefits.

Scalp Scrub

One of the things we can do to keep the scalp clean longer is to exfoliate it from time to time. It may seem like a strange idea, as we normally exfoliate the face and body to remove dead skin. But it can also be done with our scalp, with a special scrub for this area that should be soft. You should not do it very often, as you might encounter a rebound effect of fat, but if you do it from time to time you will notice how the scalp stays clean longer, free of impurities.

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