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TRX Exercises

ejercicios trx

I’m sure you’ve heard about TRX exercises. Because it’s about what is known as suspension training. It is usually perfect for all ages and certainly, no basic preparation is needed to be able to carry it out. Just be able to count on a bit of strength on the upper train.

Based on this, it is true that opinions are as varied, but still we can always look for the best exercises that adapt to our physical condition. Do you know what are the basic TRX exercises? Then read on because we’re going to mention them here.

TRX exercises, squat

We don’t get rid of them, even wanting to! Squats will always be there to accompany us, whether we want it or not. In this case, it is somewhat different from the ones we know. Because it’s about being grabbing the ropes or straps. So we need to stand up, with these a little apart and elbows supported to the body. Hands hold the strings and we will perform the movements of the squats. Of course, we will notice how stability and balance are also playing a leading role in all of this. Perform about 10 repetitions and do not forget to bring a correct breath.

The rowing in TRX

First a little leg with the squats and now turns the arms and with them, the rowing. We separate both feet a little and hold on the strings. We must try to align the back well and at that moment we will stretch our arms letting ourselves fall slightly back. Then, we will shrink our arms so we can bring your elbows to the body. Extend and flex is the process. It is a good way to exercise both arms and back. Remember that the closer your feet and the more you lean back, the intensity will be greater.

Suspension Abdominal Iron

In this case, we need to place your feet on the strings, face down and fasten to the floor with the palms, while the arms are stretched. Here it is also important to be able to align the body well and that it does not resent the lumbar, nor the neck. Exercise consists of shrinking and stretching your legs. After several repetitions, you will notice how to pull in the abdomen area and it will be that you are doing very well.

Pectoral work

We mentioned the oar before looking towards the ropes, but now we’ll turn your back on them. But the process of exercise is most similar. We need to fasten the strings with your hands and tilt forward slightly. It’s time to bend your arms, elbows back. But always remember that we must have the body aligned so that the exercise is correct and complete.

Power Pull in TRX

With a single hand grip we will alienate the body with a basic exercise. Therefore, we need to hold on to the rope with one hand, stand and feet together. Then what we’re going to do is rotate the body but keeping it aligned, to the other side. Leaning slightly back and stretching the arm that is free. I mean, making a kind of cross but a little backward. It is a perfect way to rotate the body and perform a full exercise.

Squat but in suspension

We started with her and certainly we had to finish the TRX exercises with it as well. In this case, it would be about doing the squat we mentioned before but raising one leg. We bend one knee to exercise the squat itself, while stretching the opposite leg. As we help with the strings in both hands, the balance will have it mastered. Have you done all these exercises yet?

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