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Types of kitchens according to their distribution

cocina en l

Do you know the types of kitchens according to their distribution? You may have seen them in several places, but today we have them here to talk about them in a deeper way and to tell all the advantages of each of the styles as it is organized in the room.

It’ll be all simpler when you see it detailed! But the kitchen is one of the most important places and as such, we need it to always be according to our needs. Taking advantage of the space we have is one of the main goals we have in this place. Let’s take the step!

Types of kitchens according to the distribution: Linear


sure to sound and quite a lot, because they are very common. Linear kitchens are those that are located on a single line, as the name implies. They are usually seen a lot in all rooms that are quite narrow in order not to clutter the decor in them. As advantages, we can say that they are integrated with the living room, giving them a great spaciousness and a more current style. On the other hand you will also have everything at hand and as such, you will save time in the cooking process. If you’re thinking about switching for a linear one, you know that they are usually cheaper, as a rule.

cocina lineal

Kitchen face to face or parallel

There is little to explain why And with his name, he’s telling us everything. The kitchen is divided into two parts, as we could say, one will be in front of the other. So it is also another of the very current options, which allow us a small corridor between the two. On the one hand you can have the kitchen and sink and on the other – all the storage. Giving rise to greater comfort when it comes to work. It is also perfect for narrow areas or for houses that have the kitchen and living room open. In addition, it leaves us the ground free to be two or more in the kitchen without disturbing.

The kitchens in ‘L’

Of course to see an even more current home, we can stay with an ‘L’ shaped kitchen. Because the wall area is also quite used and is perfect for larger environments but where we want to make better use of each of its parts. Not forgetting that it is a style that also allows you to place a small storage area on the other side. It will adapt to any area and also any decor you want to add.

The kitchens in ‘U’

As indicated by the vocal, this type of kitchens are more suitable in places of rectangular shape and have only an access to it. Since this way we will not be interfering with entrances but also in lighting. Keep in mind that it will occupy three parts in total or three walls, depending on how you have your stay. Although we have everything quite close, you have to be careful to always leave a space so that everything is easier to carry out. It must be said that they are a style that usually likes quite a lot. And you?

cocina con isla

Kitchens with island

We couldn’t forget about the kitchen with island when we mentioned the types of kitchens according to their distribution. Because the island is a perfect way to help us as storage but also as a work surface. On other occasions, with high stools, we can use it as a breakfast or snack area. As we see, it is quite versatile and that’s something we always like, but especially more in the kitchen. Since we spend many hours in it and it is one of the priority places of our home. Which of all the types of cuisine is yours?

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