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Volunteering at an animal shelter makes you a better person

refugio de animales

Leisure time is scarce, especially for city workers in these days. But this in itself is a growth-related reason to voluntarily offer part of your time. Being always in a hurry can make us a little selfish with our downtime.

Volunteering in an animal shelter is a great way to make a real difference in the lives of some animals in need. So here are five great reasons to roll up and get involved.


Let’s start by expanding this idea of sharing your valuable free time. When a resource is scarce, we covet it. This is particularly true for both time and money in our society. Get rid of that nasty habit by giving a little of your time to a worthy cause. We promise you that you will feel great about yourself about it. And both shelter staff and animals will benefit greatly.

Social growth

You will appear for animals, but you will also be linked to new humans! Meeting people outside your normal circle of friends and colleagues is great for you. And instantly you will have your love for animals in common.

It’s a revelation

Until you help shelters you won’t have a clue about the big problems big cities have with homeless pets. People abandon the litters of puppies and kittens in all kinds of places, and many animals take shelter for life, as there are simply not enough people willing or not able to adopt. ‘Adopt, not compres’ will become your new motto, and you can help spread the message.

refugio de animales

Commitment to a cause

El volunteering in a shelter is usually a regular agreement and you will become an unpaid part of the team they trust. This requires commitment, rain or shunder, all year round. Honestly, not everyone is prepared to do this.

Committing to a cause like this is great for your personal growth, and it’s not bad for your CV either. Show your loyalty and interest in more than money, but also your passion for something important.

The animal company is therapeutic

Regardless of what you need to do during your work week, telling your problems to a cat or a dog is surprisingly therapeutic. Also, changing the focus from ‘poor me’ to some poor animals is a real change of perspective. So try it; share your problems with a furry friend, they never judge.

Animals are very conscious beings; they live in the present moment. One of the main causes of stress and discomfort in humans is that we do not spend enough present time. Either we stop in the past or we care about the future. Animals are masters of mindfulness for this reason. When you spend time near them, if you pay attention, you will notice this.

How often are you volunteering at an animal shelter? If you are not yet, it is an option that you can’t let go of… It will do you a lot of good and also help helpless beings.

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