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Waste bins to organize waste

The “need” to recycle most of the waste generated in our homes forces us, today, to create a well-organized system with separate spaces for organic waste , plastic packaging, glass bottles and paper and cardboard.

It is not always easy to dispose in the same space of all the containers for this and it is also not necessary. Adapting the system to the particularities and needs of each household is key to making it work and doing things correctly. Hence, there are different trash bins or systems for organizing trash on the market.

We can arrange waste in a kitchen cabinet or drawer, so that they are not exposed. We can also place them outside of these and turn them into a decorative element of the kitchen. But we can also install stackable trash bins both in the kitchen and in other spaces in our homes in order to save space. Get to know all the systems and choose the most suitable ones!

Simple waste bins

In many homes a bucket is used in the kitchen for organic waste while the rest is organized into more compact systems located on the balcony or garage. If this is your case, these cubes can be a good alternative. All of them have a very careful design and are practical. Just choose one with the right shape and size for your home and family, considering that it is ideal to take out the trash daily to avoid bad odors.

Cubos de basura

1. Kohler Cube, 2. Ikea Knodd Cube, 3. Sort & Go from Brabantia, 4. Retro Cube from El Corte Inglés

Compartmentalized cubes

If you want to have the trash organized in the same space these bins with different compartments are a great alternative. Normally they pedal and have compartments of different sizes, so that you can allocate the largest size to the type of waste that is most generated. Those with a horizontal design are the most popular but you can also find them with vertical designs if you want to save space.

Cubos con compartimentos

1. Simplehuman Dual, 2. Brabantia BO Touch Bin 11+23L, 3 Pedal bin with 3 compartments El Corte Inglés, 4. Joseph Joseph Totem 60 L

Bins for drawers and cabinets

If you have enough cabinets and drawers in the kitchen you can afford to allocate one to organize waste. There are very comfortable removable systems with one, two and up to four cubes for both drawers and cabinets. If you don’t want to have trash in sight and generate little, multiple systems are a great choice with which to keep your kitchen “clean”.

Cubos de basura para armarios y cajones

1. Simplehuman Removable Cube, 2. Cube with companion of Casa en Orden, 3. Home Order Drawer Bins, 4 Brabantia door cube

Stackable Trash Bins

Is your kitchen too small? Do you have too little space to place the trash bins? If so stackable systems can become your best ally to save space. They are systems in which cubes usually have different colors as well as a front or top cover by which to be recycled must be introduced. When stacked, the opening is smaller; you will have to “disengage” them in order to open the lid completely, keep it in mind!

Cubos de basura apilables

1. Bama Poker Set, 2. Set of 3 Rotho Albula, 3. Hallbar from Ikea

Wall furniture for trash

This wall furniture represents a complete and elegant way to classify all waste in one place. Plastics, organic, cardboard, glass and batteries have their place in these cubes with the aesthetics of a kitchen cabinet more. In addition to the four compartments they have a top lid that encloses two gaps, one for used batteries and another for trash bags.

The difference between these furniture from the above proposals is that you must attach it to the wall with the set of screws supplied next to the furniture to prevent it from tipping over. Therefore, you need to make sure you put it in the right place.

Which waste bins do you use to classify your household waste?

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