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What are the care of the ferret as a pet?

Having a ferret as a pet is not something you see every day. However, sometimes fashions or the desire to have something that others do not have can be wrong and not measure the consequences that an exotic animal can cause.

Therefore, today we are going to talk to you about what it is like to have a ferret as a pet, whether it is suitable in homes with children, and everything you need to consider before making the final decision. Remember that animals also have feelings and it is not useful that, after time, you get tired of them and abandon them.

Who is a ferret suitable for as a pet?

A ferret is an exotic animal that, only because of originality and novelty, can attract a lot of attention to you. But just like a dog or cat you need to think about whether it really is the pet you need or want because it has a number of needs that you need to satisfy it.

If you can’t do it, no matter how excited you have to have a ferret as a pet, it is not the most suitable thing, because in the long run you will get tired of it and end up leaving it. And besides, the animal may not live well in your home.

Thus, a ferret needs care (not many, but some essential ones), as well as veterinary visits, and, above all, attentions. Are you working away from home all day and when you arrive you’re exhausted? So how are you going to take care of your pet? She’ll want to play and pamper him, she can’t be locked in her cage all day, nor does she play alone.

In addition, we talk about an animal that has a lot of vitality. It is perfect for a home, because it is very sociable, intelligent and also affectionate, but you have to burn that energy you have to avoid undesirable behaviors, not only because it becomes destructive, but because it can also bite.

Ferret as a pet with children

For all we’ve said before, if you think about whether a ferret is a good idea as a pet for children, or in homes with children, the truth is that the answer is ambiguous. Having a naughty and messy animal, if you put it together with children everyone’s energies can overflow you. And the fact is that ferrets get that energy from the little ones, it will become very active and yes, also naughter. It’ll be like you have another child. And of course, that can end up exhausting you, especially if your children tend to do things they shouldn’t (take out the animal when it doesn’t touch it, play with it when they should be doing other things…).

Yes, it is an exotic, curious, funny, energetic pet… But beware, but it also needs a routine so that that energy you have does not become destructive. And if you have children at home, they too must learn that he needs to be educated so that he doesn’t break anything or escape… or bite.

What to consider first of all about a ferret as a pet?

If you think that a ferret as a pet is what you need, you need to know what you need to provide this animal to live well. And here we’re going to give you a summary of the most important thing. So don’t stop taking a look at it.

Veterinary care of the ferret

Did you think a ferret doesn’t need to go to the vet? Well, it’s not like that. In fact, you need this animal to have a chip placed, as well as a vaccination card always up to date.

And speaking of vaccinations, the ferret should be vaccinated for the first time at two months. This vaccine is both rabies and distemper, and you have to repeat them annually, even if you do not leave home, to avoid problems (even if you have children at home).

In addition, a checkup is necessary every 6 months or annually to verify that it is OK, as well as preventing common diseases in it.

Ferret Diseases

As with any animal, the ferret can also suffer from different diseases. The most common, and those you face, are the following:

  • Parasitic diseases, such as internal or external parasites, scabies or the “heart worm”, a disease that provokes some mosquitoes and can affect the heart of the animal as it houses worms that are debilitating its life.
  • Bacterial diseases, the most common being Lyme (by ticks) or colitis (colon infection).
  • Fungi, which would cause diseases like valley fever, ringworm… These are less common if you don’t get your ferret out of the house.
  • Cancer.
  • Viral diseases, such as flu and colds, but also rabies or distemper (hence vaccinating it annually).
  • Stress.
  • Heart problems.
  • Hairball problems (like cats).

Needs of the ferret as a pet

Finally, here we leave you the needs that the ferret will have in your house. If you can provide them to them, along with the previous ones we’ve told you, then you should have no problem with it.

  • You need me to get out of the cage. While some experts are of the opinion that if you give it a fairly wide cage you don’t have to take it out, it’s not true. You need to go out several hours a day to work out. And that means you have to place it in a closed place. Imagine you’re dropping it all over the house. That means it’s going everywhere, you can hide in gaps, or even worse, have accidents. And with how revoltous it is, don’t miss you.
  • Watch out for other pets. In the case of dogs and cats nothing happens, but if you have rodents or birds, ferrets are hunters by nature, and do not understand “friends” or “companions”. So you might have a disgust.
  • Bad smells. Yeah, it’s something you don’t tell you in animal shops, not even breeders, but ferrets smell. A lot. So if you can’t stand bad smells, you can already think about another pet.
  • Feeding. You will have to provide him with adequate food. Normally it will be think, but also another food that gives vitamins and nutrients that feed can’t give you.
  • Hygiene. Related to bad smells, and depending on its “smell”, you might have to bathe it every week, every two weeks or every two months. But you should also thoroughly clean the cage once a week and try to remove the droppings daily to avoid problems (health, hygienic…).

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