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What is good and what is not in your vaginal hygiene

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There is always some controversy about products that are supposed to “clean” the vaginal area, such as douching and other products such as wipes and washings. For those who do not know exactly what douching is, it is a method of washing the vagina with antiseptics and fragrances that are then sprayed upward into the vagina and supposed to clean it. So douching is good for you and will they really clean you?

Maintain vaginal cleansing: what is good and what is not?

The answer is no. Actually, it’s a good idea to stay away from douching. They really do not clean anything and can be dangerous to the health of your vagina. Douching can affect the natural balance of the vaginal flora, which is the bacteria in your vagina needed for good health.

Douching can increase the amount of vaginal infection causing the flora. In addition, douching does not in fact clean, you can do the opposite, if you disturb the vaginal flora, it can cause some nothing pleasant smells.

Wipes may not be something you want to use every day, but sometimes it is not too much to use them. The scented vaginal wipes are ideal to always carry in your bag. They are useful if you know that you are about to have sex and you can’t shower, they refresh you and give you a good feeling. You don’t want to use them 10 times a day, but every once in a while, they’re fine.

Really, all you need to stay fresh and clean is a little soap and water. The vagina is also cleaned by itself, nature is wonderful!

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What is a normal vagina?

It seems that men have it quite easy when it comes to talking about what their genitals should look like: they tend to talk about size and circumference. Of course, for them, the bigger, the better.

Often, women will always wonder if their vagina looks normal, and the answer is yes. This is because there is no “normal” form of what a vagina is supposed to be. This probably sounds cheesy, but like snowflakes, each vagina is different.

Never let someone you have sex with make you feel like your vagina is strange or not the way it’s supposed to look. The right person will never make you feel that what you have there is not normal. No vagina is “ugly” or “disgusting.” Every woman is different, and that has to be accepted. Never be ashamed. You have a normal vagina. Every woman does it.

It is important that if you have any questions about your sexual health, go to your gynecologist and ask him what concerns you. This way you can take care of your vagina in the best possible way always. Your vagina should be well taken care of so that your health is not affected. Hygiene is essential at all times!

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