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What is love sickness

corazon roto por desamor

Falling in love with a person and being reciprocated, is a wonderful thing and unique. The problem appears when love is not reciprocated, provoking great pain in the rejected person.

The known as love disease can be really serious for the person who suffers it, as it can damage the emotional aspect and end up suffering certain pathologies such as depression.

What does love evil consist of love

evil is a situation of heartbreak that a person can suffer by not being reciprocated. Such a situation causes pain, sadness and a great discomfort coming to affect the emotional state of such a person.

This love sickness is much more serious than it may seem at first. Such heartbreak causes the affected person, can be dumped in an important depressive state in which he is isolated from the world and hardly relates to anyone. There are a series of feelings and emotions that prevail as is apathy, sadness or hopelessness for everything.

Symptoms typical of love

sickness Love sickness occurs when the love expectations that one person has towards another, are not carried out, leading to a great disappointment. As for the symptoms typical of this emotional problem, it is necessary to indicate a feeling of loneliness along with the guilt that causes the affected person to suffer a depression.

Depression gives rise to another type of emotions typical of such mental illness. Therefore, it is normal for the person suffering from love sickness to have a great reluctance about everything and hardly finds a motivation in his life.

Stages of love sickness

In love sickness the affected person can go through a number of phases or stages:

  • The first phase may consist in the denial of ending a certain relationship. The person does not want to see or accept at any time that the relationship with the other person is impossible.
  • The next stage is the one in which different emotions such as guilt, sadness or anger begin to emerge.
  • The final phase is that of acceptance of the situation. It is not easy to reach this last stage and many people need professional help to get it.

superar una ruptura

How can you overcome love sickness

Being rejected by someone you love is a difficult yet complicated situation. If that happens, it is not good to isolate yourself from the rest of the world. The ideal is to be able to let off steam and be able to tell how this situation of heartbreak has affected him.

At such complicated times it is good for the person to surround himself with friends and close people and try to overcome such a problem. It is also not advisable to continue to see or maintain a friendship relationship with the loved one. The first thing is to assimilate the new situation and know that the relationship is not possible or is over forever.

If the problem goes more and the person does not see the light at the end of the tunnel, it is good to go to a professional who knows how to treat the problem and help the person overcome the love sickness.

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  1. anke roess on September 11, 2021

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    • anke roess on September 11, 2021

      my boyfrend name is daniel partridge


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