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What it is worth to lose weight and not recover it

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In the battle of losing weight and being in our ideal weight we did not get to our goals on many occasions. Social pressure to have a perfect body makes us have many goals in a short time and that by not achieving them generates frustration, which causes us to stop trying weight loss with the consequent rebound effect. That’s why you have to take into account what is worth to lose weight and not recover it.

It is very important to learn to have a healthy lifestyle that allows us to settle in an ideal weight and maintain it over time. This weight may fluctuate at certain times, but sudden weight rises or downs can and should be avoided.

Think long term

If you have to lose weight don’t think about a quick diet for a few days and then return to bad habits in times like holidays or Christmas. You have to think always in the long term. It’s not about dieting by restricting food or changing the type of food we always do because this will make the loss only stay as long as these conditions are maintained. The important thing is to make a long-term plan with goals that are sensible and reasonable, that do not give us enormous sacrifices that we will not be able to carry out in the long run. It is best to think about small goals that we are meeting. It’s like doing stages in a great race, we’ll finally realize that we’ve already made a great way.

Change the way of life

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Another thing we have to to think is that we are not on a passing diet, because this is a big mistake. We must change the way of life if the one we had before led us to be overweight. If it wasn’t healthy, we should focus on making a much healthier life. If we think about it this way, it will be easier for us to maintain the weight once we have achieved it.

See making small changes

If diets radically change the way we do things and eat it’s something that is not going to be maintained over time. We have to change with little things that are easy for us to assimilate. From leaving sugar in coffee to eating less fatty foods or sugars, drinking more water instead of soft drinks and leaving sweets for special occasions. Changes you’re making in your life and getting used to. It will take a while, but when the day comes you will lead a healthier lifestyle almost without realizing it.

Sports that you enjoy

Perder peso


is very important when it comes to be healthier, lose weight and stay, but so is physical exercise. With exercise we burn fat and increase muscle. Muscle helps us burn more calories at rest, something that will also help us with maintenance. Exercise also has many beneficial factors, but to keep it in time we have to start doing some sport that we like, because that will be more constant. If you’re one of those who don’t do sports often, try things you like. Sport and its sensations come to engage but for this you need some time. Getting from this threshold requires us to keep it in time and therefore it is better to start with sports that can be easy to do and that we like. Sign up for dance classes, group zumba classes, or play sports at home with weights, biking or swimming. There are many ways to move and be healthier while you enjoy it.

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