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What NOT to do to like your family

conocer a los suegros

If you’re going to meet your political family, it’s normal for you to feel certain nerves. You know that for them to like you you must have a good attitude, correct behavior, be pleasant and helpful when they need your help. But if you know what to do, have you ever thought about what you don’t have to do?

Then we will explain what you don’t have to do so that, on the day you first meet your political family, you can make a good impression and enjoy a great day. They’ll end up excited about you, as long as you consider the following.

Being too shy

Being shy is not something you can choose not to have, but you can control it to some extent. Try to get out of your shell a little, enough to start conversation for a while. The last thing you want is complete silence, which makes it extremely uncomfortable for everyone involved. Remember, nothing will happen if you start a conversation a little.

Don’t show all your artillery


This means that at the beginning of meeting your political family you don’t have to show exactly what you are. I mean, being yourself is fine, of course! But it is not necessary to show all your qualities from the first moment. Always have some hidden surprises to show at the right times, so you can always surprise them!

conocer a los suegros

Be careful to talk about politics

There are some things about which you should be careful, some things you shouldn’t talk about when you want to make a good impression. Politics turns out to be one of them; especially if you’re not sure who his family supports. It is better to find topics of conversation that leaves politics aside. This topic will never be good for a cordial conversation.


Being brutally honest is better than keeping a lie that will eventually come out one way or another. Lies have a way to resurface and show their true colors at some point, so avoid the embarrassment of having to explain and get trapped simply by telling the truth from the first moment.

Do not be afraid to be yourself, but keep limits

Most importantly, always be yourself. Your family will like who you are or not. Never be someone else to impress. Who knows, they might really love the person you are and they adore you, in which case you were not worried about anything. Always be proud of the person you’ve become… but keep limits of respect for the people you have around you.

Remember, as much as you want to discover how to like your family, the important thing under any circumstances is to get along well with your partner and that your relationship works. Focus on what matters most and always be true to yourself.

You can’t make everyone happy, so don’t even try. All you have left is a bucket full of disappointment. So, instead, when you try to figure out how to make your family like you, always remember to be yourself. The rest will come alone.

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