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Which tiles to choose for your bathroom

The choice of all the elements of the bathroom is something serious, because it is one of the areas that we least renovate because it carries a higher cost. In the bathroom we add tiles because it is the most practical solution, due to the humidity that is in the room, so that the walls resist better. That is why the choice of tiles is very important.

Choosing tiles for the bathroom well is something we need to do, since we will see them for a long time. It is essential to choose tiles that we like in terms of style and that add something to the decoration of our bathroom.

Metro Tiles

If you like bathrooms with certain vintage touches, we recommend metro tiles. This type of tiles are ideal for any bathroom for various reasons. They use the white base colour, something that provides luminosity and can be combined with any other shade. In addition, they are very simple, with rectangular shape, so they are perfectly suited to all styles. However, they are inspired by antique tiles, hence they are very liking for bathrooms with vintage touches such as an antique bathtub or vintage style faucets.

Hydraulic Tiles

Hydraulic floors were carried away many years ago and went out of fashion in front of more modern and simple ideas. But today they have revalued themselves with their beautiful patterns full of details. So they are also used for tiles on the walls of the bathroom, both those that have a great color and those that use only white or gray as the protagonists. They give a very decorative touch to our bathroom although they are difficult to combine if we have more printed elements.

Colored Tiles

Colorful is also usually welcome in the bathroom, although lately we look at a lot of ideas with the white shade. However, colourful tiles can be a good alternative for our bathroom. They bring a lot of color and joy. Of course, it is better to use them in spacious bathrooms. If our bathroom is small the best alternative will always be to use lighter pastel shades to give brightness.

Textured tiles

Textured tiles are another alternative to the bathroom. Although they take a lot of those that are smooth, lately we can also see some models with various textures. They are modern ideas, with plain and basic tones where what you want to highlight is precisely that beautiful texture of the tile. They are quite elegant and timeless.

Scale Tiles

There are some ideas that stand out very much for their great originality, such as tiles with scales. This type of tiles is shaped like scales and are very eye-catching. In addition, sometimes we can see them in iridescent colors that make them even more amazing. They are certainly quite colorful and special, so we should not overdo it with them. It is important to use them only in one part of a bath, as for example in a shower area, so that they do not end up bored us.

Geometric Tiles

Tiles that have geometric shapes are also very popular today. These forms have become a trend with the advent of Nordic style, so it is common to see these lines in many spaces. These tiles are timeless and if we choose them in basic shades such as white or gray we will see how they last for years with an elegant style.

Mixture of tiles

One idea that can be very original is also to mix the various styles of tiles. For example we can put the hydraulic tiles on the floor, with the underground tiles on the walls. The combinations are very varied and we will always have a unique bathroom.

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