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Why didn’t he kiss you on the first date?

Maybe you thought the date went very well, but you were puzzled when she didn’t kiss you at the end of the date. Maybe you did something wrong? There are times that both boys and girls don’t kiss on the first date, and there are usually a few reasons behind. We tell you about your peace of mind and just so you know, why didn’t he take that step you wanted me to take.

I wasn’t sure you’d want


He could have felt that you already closed a subtle move or two earlier in the night. I could be stepping on so carefully you didn’t even notice it. I may not even think you’re totally interested in him yet. On the next appointment, if it is still so, then you need to let him know that you like it and give him a little more confidence to make the move.

A compliment would help to convey the message, but something physical would be much more effective. An example of how you can physically express that would be when he gives you a hug and wrap your arms around him, do something to show a little more affection.

You have to be subtle because you don’t want to seem desperate, but at the same time, it must be evident for him to get the message that you really like it and want him to stop being so shy. What you feel is subtle but clear enough obviously depends on you, but one suggestion is to hold it stronger than you did on the first date or you would normally.

He’s not sure if he still likes you

Something could have gone wrong on your date that turned it off, something you said or did. Did you talk about politics or religion? If so, that could have done it. Or maybe he’s been a little undecided about you since you met and he’s not sure he wants to take that direction. In that case, don’t worry.

If he invites you to another date, you’ll know more or less what your situation is. If you don’t do it right away, keep in touch with him if you can and maybe eventually get close and give him another chance.

He thinks you want to take it easy

. He

could be assuming you’re not the kind of girl who kisses on the first date. I might not want you to think he’s just trying to understand you. If this is so, maybe that’s why I don’t take the first step. Or maybe he’s really a gentleman like that and he’s always been. If it comes from a religious background, you may not even believe in premarital sex.

Another reason you might want to take things easy might be that you just got out of a relationship and you’re still trying to get rid of feelings for your ex-partner. Approaching someone shortly after a major breakup can be difficult and uncomfortable. However, you should get out of it eventually if that is the cause.

He failed to take the step


Maybe he built up pressure on his head and became mentalized to the point where he couldn’t do it. If you are somewhat rusty or inexperienced with dating, you may have been nervous enough to coward when you bow down and plant a kiss. If there were other people around, he wouldn’t have helped if he were so shy. The good news is he’ll be cheered up soon.

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