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Winter outfits: inspiration in black and white

Estilismos de invierno en blanco y negro

We all know that this winter trend invites us to bet on monocolor stylisms. Also for other winter outfits that without being monocolor combine different shades within the same range of colors achieving a harmonious result.

But beyond holdings there is a combination of colors that always works, regardless of the time of year in which we are. We talk about the black and white combo, a combo to which this winter we can add a current touch betting on leather garments or classic prints.

If we talk about timeless color combinations, not to mention the one that make up black and white would be a mistake. Regardless of the trends of the moment, this color scheme always seems to be a good choice. And it’s just that it’s hard to make a mistake with her, don’t you agree?

Estilismos de invierno en blanco y negro

Current winter styling in black and white

Whether we define a combination of colors as timeless, versatile or classic, does not mean that you can’t create from it trendy outfits. This winter you will find in leather pants, extra long shirts and printed clothes your best ally to achieve it.

Estilismos de invierno en blanco y negro

Leather pants are trend this Season; Combine them with warm turtleneck sweaters and loafers with track sole. You can also achieve very current outfits by combining a sporty black trousers with a two-tone sweatshirt and a black jacket. Complete the styling with white sneakers and get the city!

White XXL shirts this season are worn as dresses under a sweater or also a long waistcoat. You will only lack stockings, high boots and a black coat to adapt the styling to the colder winter. And if you like prints, you only have to bet on two-piece sets with plaid or houndstooth motifs so that your outfits do not go unnoticed.

Pictures- @tsangtastic, @emmahill, @jessiekass, @anoukyve,, @olesyasenchenko, @lisa .olssons, @alisontoby, @mija_mija


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