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With which thermometer should you measure your baby’s temperature?

As we know, babies usually have a few tenths of a fever from time to time. It is not always an indicator of a disease to worry about, but it is true that it should also be controlled. To do this, nothing better than having at home a thermometer with which to measure your baby’s temperature.

It seems very simple, but which one should I choose? As happens in these cases there are several that we have at our disposal and each of them can have its pros and also its cons. Therefore, and to stay quiet or quiet, let yourself be carried away by everything that follows and only then you can get out of doubt.

Main types of thermometers to measure your baby’s temperature, which should I choose?

Laser or infrared forehead thermometer

Laser thermometers for babies is one of the most recommended alternatives. First because it returns the results in just a few seconds. But not only that, but you don’t need to have contact with the skin to gather the information. This is because it uses the energy of infrared, which pointing towards the forehead area, will accurately give the temperature.

It has a pistol shape that is very simple to use. So before we bother our small or small, we can opt for this type of thermometer and make the measurement when they are asleep. That’s how we all win! So answering the question of which one should choose, it is clear that the infrared thermometer is the most accurate and comfortable option.

The digital thermometer

After the fall of the mercury thermometer, which was one of the most accurate but also discouraged because they could easily break and release the liquid through which they were composed, came the digital one. Without a doubt, another one that is always in every home. With it you will be able to make measurements on different parts of the body, as we will clarify later.

In addition, you can read your baby’s temperature in just a few minutes on a screen intended for it. Sometimes, it is said that its accuracy can vary by one degree, especially if you realize that it sounded too fast. It is best to leave it a little longer and check the actual temperature of our children. Now, they are quite affordable and as we say, quick and simple to use.

Thermometer for measuring temperature in the ear

Surely you also recognize them and is that they have a kind of narrow enlargement at their top. This is what we need to introduce into the ear of the little ones in the house. True, it is more current but not always the most recommended. Since at ages less than three or four years, it can be very difficult to place and hold it.

They use infrared energy , but it should also be mentioned that in terms of accuracy, they can vary by a degree, approximately. Remember that they are a little more expensive than digital ones, although as we see, the price adds discomfort in use for babies. So for many fathers and mothers it is not one of the most successful options. It can be an alternative as they turn their age.

Gallium thermometer

Similar in its appearance to mercury but does not have toxicity. It is used similarly to the old mercury, so wait about 5 minutes for you to get the result after placing it in the armpit. Something in babies is quite a long time. The good thing? It is that these are cheap thermometers that fit each and every one of the pockets. But of course, they also have easier to break.

Ways to measure the temperature of your babies

We’ve already opted for thermometers to measure your baby’s temperature. Now comes the time to think about the ways you have to proceed and which you will be most comfortable with. On the one hand we have the measurement in the armpit, which has always been one of the most selected areas by all fathers and mothers. To do this with just a digital thermometer we will have more than enough. It’s pretty fast and always better, because babies are so restless that in most cases it is difficult to wait for that time. It should be clarified that the measurement of the temperature in the armpit is slightly lower than the oral measurement, i.e. between 0.3 and 0.6 less.

Measurement in the ear is another of the points we know but are not usually recommended. As we have said, when they are very small the channels in this area are not entirely developed and it can be a really uncomfortable process. Something that also happens with the rectal thermometer. It is true that it can be one of the most accurate measurements (although it can vary between 0.5-0.6° higher than oral and 1st when compared with the measurement in the armpit), but for this the baby has to be on his stomach and we don’t always get it.

So again we just talked about the laser thermometer. Why? Because it’s the most comfortable for our sons and daughters. We will not have to undress them as in the case of the axillary, nor do we place it in uncomfortable positions as in the rectal. But they can be asleep peacefully and we control the temperature without touching them. Just bring the gun thermometer closer to your forehead and it will do the great job. On the display you will tell us the temperature only in a matter of five or six seconds.

Check if your baby has a fever depending on age

We’ve been talking about the ages and now we have to make it happen. When the baby does not exceed three months, one of the ways to check for a fever is with the digital thermometer. With it, you can measure it in the armpit or rectally. While if your baby is older than three months but less than three years old, then you could move on to take the temperature in the ear or continue to do so with the digital thermometer in the armpit or rectum.

Similarly, the same will happen in higher ages, where also all methods are guaranteed. But it turns out that we will always encounter drawbacks like some of them are more or less reliable depending on the moment, whether the baby is still time, etc., hence the best for all ages is the laser thermometer. Because it has good accuracy, as well as being pretty fast and in cases where we’re worried, we’ll appreciate it. Although sometimes it may be a little more expensive, we see that we will use it at different ages. Compact and easy to use are other advantages that could not be left in the inkwell.

When should I worry? When we see in the thermometer a temperature that exceeds 37.3º we already talk about febricle or what we call ‘tenths’ and when we reach 38 it is considered fever. But still, the vast majority of these moments last only a day or two and are related to certain infections of the body itself. Sometimes it is said that such a temperature stimulates the defenses. So, you have to control it but always with the best thermometer and the most accurate. Have you chosen him yet?

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