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Your beauty care when you arrive thirty

As time goes by we realize that we need to do more care, since the passage of time makes wrinkles appear or have more problems with the skin or even with the hair. Thirties are a turning point for many people where they think they need to start taking care of themselves much better. Getting to them means starting to take into account the passage of time.

Let’s look at some of the basic care we should do to focus on our beauty from the thirties. This time is perfect to start to perform more specific care to prevent the first wrinkles from appearing or our hair losing strength.

Cream to prevent wrinkles

From the thirties or even earlier we began to see the first effects of the passage of age in the form of small wrinkles on the most delicate areas of our face. It is important to prevent in this and other aspects to prevent more premature wrinkles from appearing. Moisturizing cream is essential, but after twenty it is important to buy creams that nourish as well as moisturize, so that the skin receives what it needs. Losing elasticity is a common thing, so we should look for creams that provide luminosity and also prevent the loss of smoothness.

Night cream

It is important to note that during the night our skin regenerates and recovers from the stress of the day. So we should use a nourishing night cream. It is during this stage that the skin recovers and nourishes much better. So in the thirties it is a great idea to use this period to recover our skin and get up with a rested face.

Take care of the eye contour

The area of the eye area is very delicate and is one of the first where you can notice how wrinkles appear. That is why if in the twenty we have not taken care of this area, it is time to buy a cream that is specific to this area, as it serves to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and refresh the look. Focus on looking for a cream that treats the problem you have, whether it’s wrinkles, eye bags or dark circles. This cream should be applied near the area around the eyes with small taps to allow the product to be absorbed.

Take care of your hair

Over time the hair is losing density and later, when the follicle closes, it is no longer possible to recover it. That’s why our hair should also be a point where we focus on if we see that we fall in excess or that it is spoiled. We should take food supplements that help us improve the density of our hair and prevent it from falling out. Help yourself with shampoos like onion and with a good diet.

Apply the creams to the décolleté

One of the best tricks we can use is to use face cream to also take care of the area of our neck and our décolleté. These areas are also sensitive and end up having wrinkles very easily, so it is a great idea to be able to use these creams to care for these areas. In addition, these creams usually have sunscreen, so we also protect this area from sunrays that age us so easily.

The importance of food

Although in the thirties we invest more in creams, the truth is that it is also important to take care of our diet. In it we find the necessary antioxidants to prevent aging, so as fruit, which provides many vitamins and carries a balanced diet.

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