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Youth trundle beds by the hand of Ikea

The youth trundle beds from Ikea arrive with force to enjoy a more complete, comfortable and current bedroom. That is why we must always choose our needs in question so that we can take the perfect path. I’m sure the youngest of the house will love it!

The good thing they have such options is that they allow us to play a lot with the decor. Because although they all have a similar structure, you will see how well they can be combined in different ways. Hence there can always be a decorative style for each or one. Find out!

The youth and basic trundle beds of Ikea

As we know, the basics always have great success. Because it’s true that with a trundle bed like this, we’ll have more than enough space for two people. Perfect if a friend or friend comes home and we don’t have other bedrooms. Although we mention the basic thing because it really is a simple main bed structure from which an extra bed protrudes.

So in this way and thanks to that simplicity we will be facing a unique decorative idea . Since it will be installed in each and every one of the spaces we have chosen. It does not matter the type of decoration itself, because it will be docked without a reproach. Its white color will make the combination of different shades quite possible. Now it only remains that you get carried away by the world of carpets and furniture with full colour combinations.

Bed with Wheeled Drawers for Storage

Another option in youth trundle beds come in this way. That is, on the one hand we have the structure of the bed but instead of under it there is another mattress, we look for new ideas. In this case, it seems that good storage can be one of the same. It will come in the form of boxes but with wheels. Believe it or not are large boxes in which you can place both books and clothes or, those accessories that sometimes do not have a fixed place to store them. From all this, you can already decorate as you like, choosing the best shades for it. Help yourself with accessories but also paint the walls to have better results.

Collapsible mattresses or pouffs

Nor are you passionate about having a storage box under the bed? Then you can always opt for just one box and take advantage of the rest of the space to place a compact and foldable mattress. Yes, it can be folded into several parts, so the result also pretends to be a kind of box but not. You can use it to lie down comfortably or to read on the floor. You do not always have to spread it completely, but you can also place it in the form of an armchair. Isn’t that a good idea to you?

Bed with drawers

We return to storage but in a different way. Because now we are facing a structure that has a series of drawers at its bottom. Besides them, we are also not going to forget that there is still room for a double opening. In it you can place books or small details that are visible. In the drawers you can also use it to store your clothes well folded. You know there are several methods for this and nowadays it is much easier to be able to take advantage of every corner. Even if you don’t think it, a priori, the space of these drawers in the youth trundle beds are spacious. So if you don’t need another extra layer, it’s time to let yourself be carried away by storage.

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